Kind of bitter, a bit on the sour side yet still strangely irresistible. Not a description of that ex you still think about – but instead a pithy little summary of this tropical fruity delight.

Cocktails got colourful in the 1950s. Post-war rationing meant it was harder to come by fresh fruit so artificial powdered mixes were used instead to add fruitiness and colour. Luckily we’ve got access to tonnes of delicious fruity ingredients these days so we’ve concocted this extravagant mixture for you.

1. Run a wedge of lime around half of the rim of aglass, then roll it in salt.
2. Add 50ml of unsweetened grapefruit juice, 50ml tequila, a dash of lime juice and ice.
3. Shake up the Orangina before topping up, finishing with a grapefruit slice garnish.

50ml tequila
50ml of unsweetened grapefruit juice
OranginaDash of lime juice
Wedge of lime Salt
Grapefruit slice