Fresh and fruity with a bitter twist, this colourful continental delight will have you dreaming of the Riviera. And possibly acting like an eccentric millionaire aboard a yacht, if your imagination runs too wild (try not to do this when other people are watching).

When you think of drinks from the roaring 20s, the first thing that probably springs to mind is the decadent secret parties of the Prohibition era. But this laid back recipe is much more suited to the sophisticated clinking of champagne coupes on the continent than knocking back bathtub gin in a dingy American speakeasy.

1. Combine aperol and coganc VS in a glass with ice.
2. Shake up the Orangina and top up the glass.
3. Finish with a sprig of sage and a slice of orange.

25ml cognac VS
50ml aperol
Sprig of sage
Orange slice