Somewhere, over the rainbow
Dorothy gets her C’est Shook Moment as she is swept from sepia into vibrant technicolour. 

Any swing goes as jazz ignites hot, new jitterbugging. The slap of a double bass was all that was needed to let loose and go wild.  

Disco is born
and bell bottoms are in
Fashion finally catches up with Orangina’s bulby shape. 

One day in 2008, 25 cities indulged in the small pleasure of pillow fights.
Feathers flew and pillows pummeled for Worldwide Pillow Fight Day. 

Leon Beton finds a sparkling orange juice with pulp in Marseilles, inspired, he calls the drink Orangina and suddenly an icon is born

The Orangina 
bottle gets its signature design with its iconic bulby shape, orange peel texture and a crown top

Jean-Claude Beton takes over the family business and Orangina awakens the joys of summer as it becomes the drink of choice for the café culture

Bernard Villemot creates poster artwork for Orangina, using a swirl of orange peel and vivid colours, he carves out a distinctive, timeless image for the soft drink

The first TV ad  
is launched and the shaking motion is introduced as a reminder to shake before you taste

Orangina shakes up the world with an international launch

Orangina airs its first worldwide TV advert called “The Flipper”. The ad confirms that for the perfect serve, shaking is the key

Orangina celebrates 75 years of fizz (but we don’t think she looks a day over 30)

Orangina returns to UK shores with a new ad that encompasses its French heritage, quirky nature and philosophy that “Life is flat unless you shake it”